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From:Davi Arnaut Date:March 12 2009 11:13am
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.1-bugteam branch (joro:2829) Bug#22047
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Hi Joro,

On 3/12/09 7:26 AM, Georgi Kodinov wrote:
> Hi Davi,
> Thanks for looking into this.
> On 11.03.2009, at 21:14, Davi Arnaut wrote:
>> On 3/6/09 12:30 PM, Georgi Kodinov wrote:
>>> #At file:///home/kgeorge/mysql/work/B38217-5.1-bugteam/ based on
>>> revid:kristofer.pettersson@stripped
>>> 2829 Georgi Kodinov 2009-03-06
>>> Bug #22047: Time in SHOW PROCESSLIST for SQL thread in replication
>>> seems to
>>> become negative
>>> THD::start_time has a dual meaning : it's either the time since the
>>> process
>>> entered a given state or is the transaction time returned by e.g. NOW().
>>> This causes problems, as sometimes THD::start_time may be set to a value
>>> that is correct and needed when used as a base for NOW(), but these
>>> times
>>> may be arbitrary (SET @@timestamp) or non-local (coming from the master
>>> through the replication feed).
>> [..]
>> Hum, documentation says that:
>> "Time - The time in seconds that the thread has been in its current
>> state.".
>> This doesn't seem to match what is implemented in the server, but
>> let's focus on behavior for the SQL thread. In the manual we have:
> This actually should reflect how the implementation is done. At most of
> the places where the thread status changes there's a corresponding
> set_time() call. I know : this should be encapsulated in a single
> function, but it's not currently.
>> "In the Time column in the output of SHOW PROCESSLIST, the number of
>> seconds displayed for the slave SQL thread is the number of seconds
>> between the timestamp of the last replicated event and the real time
>> of the slave machine."
>> So it is quite possible that Time will negative if the timestamp of
>> the last replicated event is ahead of the local time of the slave.
>> Furthermore in the documentation:
>> "You can use this to determine the date of the last replicated event.
>> Note that if your slave has been disconnected from the master for one
>> hour, and then reconnects, you may immediately see Time values like
>> 3600 for the slave SQL thread in SHOW PROCESSLIST."
>> Since the Time is calculated as (slave local time - timestamp), a
>> negative time value indicates that the time on the slave is in the
>> past when compared to the clock of the master -- can be reproduced by
>> disconnecting a slave, delaying the clock and reconnecting.
> That's unfortunate : they're reusing a well defined column for other
> purposes ! How intuitive and well designed !
>> OK, so i think by now we have established that it is okay for Time to
>> be negative for the SQL thread. So, what is the bug?
>> I think it is the fact that the processlist routines are not aware
>> that Time might be negative in some cases:
>> protocol->store((uint32) (now - thd_info->start_time));
>> table->field[5]->store((uint32)(tmp->start_time ?
>> now - tmp->start_time : 0), TRUE);
>> I think those casts are wrong even in the non SQL thread case as time
>> might be adjusted at random. What do you think?
> I think you're right (based on how it's documented). Now only if the
> Time column of SHOW PROCESS LIST was not declared as unsigned by some
> enterprising soul (or the designer of the above "feature" for the
> replication thread had checked this) ...
> Based on our determination to keep the server behaving in the exactly
> same (sometimes unintuitive) way in a GA version we have two options
> when it's negative :
> 1. Leave as it is (and document it and fix it in 6.0 by changing the
> column type)

Hum, it seems the type is already signed:

ST_FIELD_INFO processlist_fields_info[]=

OK. But if this is intended or due to the lack of a unsigned type, it's 
another story. :)

> 2. Return NULL (the same way we fixed the other similar problem that
> we've had).
> Which one do you think we should go about ? I'm inclined to say 2 (as we
> have a precedent already).

I think we should just let it return negative numbers as it shouldn't be 
a problem and it is documented.


-- Davi Arnaut
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