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From:Leonard Zhou Date:March 11 2009 3:28am
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-5.1-bugteam branch ( Bug#39858
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#At file:///home/zhl/mysql/rep/5.1/bug39858/

 2825 Leonard Zhou	2009-03-11
      BUG#39858 rpl.rpl_rotate (rpl.rpl_rotate_logs) failed on pushbuild: result mismatch
      The method to purge binary log files produces different results in some platfroms. 
      Change a new way that sets the time to purge binlog file 1 second after the last modify time of master-bin.000002.
      That can sure that the file must be deleted in any platform.

per-file messages:
    Test result
    Change 'purge time' 1 sencond after the last modify time of master-bin.000002.
=== modified file 'mysql-test/suite/rpl/r/rpl_rotate_logs.result'
--- a/mysql-test/suite/rpl/r/rpl_rotate_logs.result	2008-01-14 07:38:02 +0000
+++ b/mysql-test/suite/rpl/r/rpl_rotate_logs.result	2009-03-11 03:26:40 +0000
@@ -87,9 +87,7 @@ show binary logs;
 Log_name	File_size
 master-bin.000002	#
 master-bin.000003	#
-select @time_for_purge:=DATE_ADD(UPDATE_TIME, INTERVAL 1 SECOND)
-from information_schema.tables
-where TABLE_SCHEMA="test" and TABLE_NAME="t2";
+SELECT @time_for_purge:=DATE_ADD('tmpval', INTERVAL 1 SECOND);
 purge master logs before (@time_for_purge);
 show binary logs;
 Log_name	File_size

=== modified file 'mysql-test/suite/rpl/t/rpl_rotate_logs.test'
--- a/mysql-test/suite/rpl/t/rpl_rotate_logs.test	2008-02-28 11:21:44 +0000
+++ b/mysql-test/suite/rpl/t/rpl_rotate_logs.test	2009-03-11 03:26:40 +0000
@@ -112,14 +112,31 @@ source include/;
 purge binary logs to 'master-bin.000002';
 source include/;
-# Calculate time to use in "purge master logs before" by taking
-# last modification time of t2 and adding 1 second
-# This is donw in order to handle the case where file system
-# time differs from mysqld's time
+# Set the purge time 1 second after the last modify time of master-bin.000002.
+let $MYSQLD_DATADIR= `select @@datadir`;
+--exec stat $MYSQLD_DATADIR/master-bin.000002 >$MYSQLTEST_VARDIR/tmp/rpl_rotate_logs.000002
+--exec echo > $MYSQLTEST_VARDIR/tmp/rpl_rotate_logs.tmp
+open F, $ENV{'MYSQLTEST_VARDIR'}.'/tmp/rpl_rotate_logs.000002' or die "Tmp file rpl_rotate_logs.000002 not found";
+open F2, ">>".$ENV{'MYSQLTEST_VARDIR'}.'/tmp/rpl_rotate_logs.tmp' or die "Tmp file rpl_rotate_logs.tmp not found";
+while (<F>)
+  if (/Modify: ([^ ]*) ([^ ]*)\./)
+  {
+    printf F2 ("let \$tmpval = %s %s;",$1,$2);
+  }
+close F;
+close F2;
+--source $MYSQLTEST_VARDIR/tmp/rpl_rotate_logs.tmp
+remove_file $MYSQLTEST_VARDIR/tmp/rpl_rotate_logs.000002;
+remove_file $MYSQLTEST_VARDIR/tmp/rpl_rotate_logs.tmp;
-select @time_for_purge:=DATE_ADD(UPDATE_TIME, INTERVAL 1 SECOND)
-  from information_schema.tables
-    where TABLE_SCHEMA="test" and TABLE_NAME="t2";
+--replace_result $tmpval tmpval
+--eval SELECT @time_for_purge:=DATE_ADD('$tmpval', INTERVAL 1 SECOND)
 purge master logs before (@time_for_purge);

bzr commit into mysql-5.1-bugteam branch ( Bug#39858Leonard Zhou11 Mar
  • Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.1-bugteam branch ( Bug#39858He Zhenxing11 Mar