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From:stefan Date:December 7 2005 1:39pm
Subject:svn commit - mysqldoc@docsrva: r509 - trunk/refman-common
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Author: shinz
Date: 2005-12-07 14:39:16 +0100 (Wed, 07 Dec 2005)
New Revision: 509

Remove leftover instance of 'done its best' (thanks, Paul)


Modified: trunk/refman-common/news-5.0.xml
--- trunk/refman-common/news-5.0.xml	2005-12-07 02:07:23 UTC (rev 508)
+++ trunk/refman-common/news-5.0.xml	2005-12-07 13:39:16 UTC (rev 509)
@@ -8092,7 +8092,7 @@
       other pre-production release, should not be installed on
       <quote>production</quote> level systems or systems with critical
       data. It is good practice to back up your data before installing
-      any new version of software. Although MySQL has done its best to
+      any new version of software. Although MySQL worked very hard to
       ensure a high level of quality, protect your data by making a
       backup as you would for any software beta release.

svn commit - mysqldoc@docsrva: r509 - trunk/refman-commonstefan7 Dec