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From:Ingo Strüwing Date:November 24 2008 8:01am
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.1 branch (ingo.struewing:2712) Bug#39277
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Hi Sergey,

Sergey Vojtovich, 20.11.2008 16:41:
> Hi Ingo,
> thanks for the patch. It is mostly what I suggested. But still I have a few
> concerns.
> First of all, I believe doing double comparision is way too expensive when we
> open a table, whereas single comparision is sufficient.
> Besides, I believe there is some misunderstanding re partitioning. It needs
> the same function as MyISAM when we perform create table.
> The suggestions are:
> - swap names of test_if_data_home_dir() and test_for_data_home_dir()
>   functions. This way we would avoid the need to assign
>   myisam_test_invalid_symlink and maria_test_invalid_symlink new values;
> - make newly implemented test_for_data_home_dir() non-static;
> - remove second comparision from newly implemented test_for_data_home_dir();
> - use test_for_data_home_dir() instead of test_if_data_home_dir() in

I am pretty unhappy with the idea of having two global functions with so
similar names.

I did some further investigation and can confirm that you are right, if
I understand you correctly. test_if_data_home_dir() is currently used
when opening index file and data file of a MyISAM table. Since the files
must exist for a successful open, we don't have a problem with
realpath(3) here. A second check would be wasted time.

So we have the problem in CREATE/ALTER TABLE only. As this is the only
case where the files don't exist in advance. But then I think, my first
patch was correct. It fixed it in mysql_create_table_no_lock(). At this
place, partitioned tables use check_partition_dirs() to call
test_if_data_home_dir() for every partition. These do not have the table
(partition) name added, so they check the directory, which has to exist.
So we should be safe here.

Ingo Strüwing, Database Group
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