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From:Martin Skold Date:September 15 2008 10:00am
Subject:bzr push into mysql-6.0 branch (Martin.Skold:2835 to 2836) Bug#31231
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 2836 Martin Skold	2008-09-15 [merge]
      Null merge, patch will be merged from mysql-6.0-ndb

 2835 Georgi Kodinov	2008-09-12
       Bug#38342 -backup_myisam1 test fails on Windows
       The problem is that  this test, uses file locking and myisam unlocks 
       the same file region twice. Unix my_lock implementation based on fcntl() 
       does not return error in this case, but Windows UnlockFile() returns 
       Fixed by ignoring ERROR_NOT_LOCKED from UnlockFile(). This fix does 
       not make myisam  better, but at least the implementation of my_lock() 
       compatible to *nix.

bzr push into mysql-6.0 branch (Martin.Skold:2835 to 2836) Bug#31231Bug#31233Martin Skold17 Sep