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From:Øystein Grøvlen Date:August 5 2008 1:27pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-6.0-backup branch (oystein.grovlen:2674)
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Chuck Bell wrote:
> Oystein,
> Great job on the patch! I have a few comments and some requests.


Thanks for the review.  Some responses below.

>> +--echo First Backup
>> +connect (backup,localhost,root,,);
>> +USE backup_concurrent;
>> +send BACKUP DATABASE backup_concurrent TO 'backup1';
>> +
>> +--echo Starting second backup in another connection.  
>> +--echo (Should fail because another backup is running.)
>> +connection default;
>> +BACKUP DATABASE backup_concurrent TO 'backup2';
> This test creates a potentially non-deterministic condition. What happens if
> the backup in the send completes before this one? 

I discovered this yesterday, and have now rewritten the test to be based 
on the sync mechanism.

> Request: We need to add a breakpoint here to stop the first backup in the
> middle then attempt the next one, get the error, then release the first
> backup. This will ensure that even our most horribly unpredictable PB
> machine (usually valgrind) will not run so slow that the test fails because
> the second backup succeeds.
> I would use the "before_backup_data" breakpoint -- see @916. This
> will ensure backup is in the middle (after metadata and before data). That
> should be safe. The following is a suggestion for how to set this up (see
> other tests that use breakpoints for ideas).

I used the after_backup_start_backup breakpoint.   That provoked a 
segfault withot the fix.  Any reason I should change to before_backup_data?

> <at top of test>
> ...
> SET DEBUG_SYNC= 'before_backup_data WAIT_FOR finish';
> --echo backup: Send the backup command.
> <after second backup has failed>
> --echo breakpoints: Sending finish signal to wake BACKUP.
> SET DEBUG_SYNC= 'now SIGNAL finish';
> Request: For completeness we should test the following:
> 2 backups (done)
> backup in progress then restore 
> restore in progress then backup
> 2 restores

I will do this.   Should be pretty straight-forward.

> For the devil's sake, what happens if a third backup/restore attempts to
> run? That is, a backup is running, another tries and fails, then another...?

I could change the test to run the third backup without waiting for the 
first one.

> ...
>> -  /** Indicates if a backup/restore operation is in progress. */
>> -  static bool is_running;
>> -  static pthread_mutex_t  run_lock; ///< To guard @c is_running flag.
>> +  /** Indicates if and which backup/restore operation is in 
>> progress. */
>> +  static Backup_restore_ctx *current;
> I am not thrilled with this variable name change. What was wrong with
> is_running? That made more contextual sense. Please let me know your
> thoughts on this.

Note that it is not just a name change.  I have changed the type, too. 
I feel that is_running is a good name for a boolean, but for a pointer. 
  It should describe what it points to.  I agree that current is a bit 
generic.  My first idea was current_backup, but then I realized it could 
be a restore to.  Maybe current_op or running_op would work?  Any 

> ...
>> -  if (!is_running)
>> -    is_running= TRUE;
>> +  if (!current)
>> +    current= this;
>>    else
>>      fatal_error(ER_BACKUP_RUNNING);
> Wouldn't the original if(!is_running) make more logical sense? If you
> disagree, please let me know why. Perhaps this is a documentation thing, but
> I like is_running better. It's just my opinion, but we should refrain from
> changing variable names unless we have a good (documented) reason.
> Chuck

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