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From:Rafal Somla Date:July 17 2008 1:37pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-6.0-backup branch (hema:2650) WL#4227
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Hi Hema,

Before digging into the details, I have these general questions/remarks. Please 
reply to them.

Hema Sridharan wrote:
> #At file:///data0/backupjul2/mysql-6.0-backup/
>  2650 Hema Sridharan	2008-07-08
>       WL#4227(Test of identifiers for character sets). The test included are test of
> partitions and different datatypes.
> added:
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/combinations
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/include/
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/include/
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/include/
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/r/
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/r/backup_datatypes.result
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/r/backup_partitions.result
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/t/
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/t/backup_datatypes.test
>   mysql-test/suite/backup_charsets/t/backup_partitions.test

I think having a separate backup_charsets test suite is too much granularity. 
I'd define one common backup test suite where all the backup tests go, including 
the character set related ones.

This patch defines 2 test cases: backup_datatypes and backup_partitions. But LLD 
of the WL talks about 5 test cases. Moreover, neither of the test cases 
described in the WL seems to correspond to one of the 2 test cases implemented 
here. So, I would say that this patch does not implement the design described in 
the WL... Am I wrong?

I have also a question concerning the design. To me tests 2-4 from LLD seem to 
be basically the same. They all test correct backup and restore of different 
objects with names using various character sets. Then why not to define just one 
test case for this? Is there any important difference between them I'm missing?

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