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From:Hema Sridharan Date:July 3 2008 4:01pm
Subject:RE: WL#4222 Test patch review
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Hi Chuck,

Please find the new patch modified according to your review comments.

Please let me know if you are fine with this.

Warm Regards,
Hema Sridharan
QA Developer
Sun Microsystems / Mysql Inc,
Office: Austin TX 78728, USA
Are you MySQL certified?

> > > My concern is the test will not run at all if you don't
> > have innodb or
> > > falcon. Basically, the test will only run in an environment
> > built as
> > > 'max'
> > 
> > 
> > Hema: This isn't true. If engines aren't present then we have to 
> > remove those engines from the combinations file and test 
> will run for 
> > the other engines mentioned in the combinations file. By 
> doing this, 
> > we don't have to alter the test case based on build and keep the 
> > changes limited to the combinations file only.
> That is impractical! What you are asking developers to do is 
> manually modify a file in order to run MTR tests. The tests 
> need to allow the possibility that certain engines are not 
> available and print a message saying the test was skipped 
> because the engine wasn't available (or some such).
> > Hema: Your intention is to make the test independent of available 
> > engines and we could accomplish that by modifying the combination 
> > file. Also the purpose of keeping all these in the suite is to run 
> > them with all available engines (if present in a particular 
> build) and 
> > Lars also suggested the same idea before.
> Modifying that file is a static solution. The solution needs 
> to be something automatic -- active rather than passive. 
> Something that does not require the developer (or user) to 
> manually modify a file.
> Chuck
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