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From:Timothy Smith Date:July 2 2008 5:05pm
Subject:bzr push into mysql-5.1 branch (timothy.smith:2683 to 2684) Bug#37200
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 2684 Timothy Smith	2008-07-02 [merge]
      Up-merge syntax fix from 5.0-bugteam.

 2683 Sven Sandberg	2008-07-02
      BUG#37200: rpl_switch_stm_row_mixed fails sporadically in pushbuild
      The previous fix for the bug was incomplete. The test failed
      because t2 did not exist on the slave (since the slave was
      lagging) when the
      wait_condition was executed. Fixed by inserting
      sync_slave_with_master just after t2 was created.

=== modified file 'mysys/default.c'
--- a/mysys/default.c	2008-06-27 20:53:27 +0000
+++ b/mysys/default.c	2008-07-02 15:54:54 +0000
@@ -1024,10 +1024,12 @@ static size_t my_get_system_windows_dire
 static const char *my_get_module_parent(char *buf, size_t size)
+  char *last= NULL;
+  char *end;
   if (!GetModuleFileName(NULL, buf, size))
     return NULL;
+  end= strend(buf);
-  char *last= NULL, *end= strend(buf);
     Look for the second-to-last \ in the filename, but hang on
     to a pointer after the last \ in case we're in the root of

bzr push into mysql-5.1 branch (timothy.smith:2683 to 2684) Bug#37200Timothy Smith2 Jul