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From:Chuck Bell Date:June 13 2008 12:23pm
Subject:RE: WL#4222 Test patch review
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I read your summary. I am fine with doing things in increments. But I don't
see any plans to do so. Under what WL or BUG report are we tracking the
conversion of existing tests to the backup suite? I think there should be a
WL associated with that effort.

> > 13) Once the patch issue was resolved, the result file was 
> > different but this was due to the patch problem. The same is 
> > true for the other two tests.
> > 
> > 14) Once all those problems were solved, I got this. I 
> > surrender. Please fix and resubmit a new patch.
> > 
> > backup.backup_objectts 'innodb' [ fail ]
> > 
> > mysqltest: At line 181: query 'RESTORE FROM 
> > 'bup_objectts.bak'' failed: 7:
> > Error
> >  on rename of '.\bup_objectts\cap.TRG~' to '.\bup_objectts\cap.TRG'
> > (Errcode: 17
> > )
> Hema: Oops ! I didn't get this error when I run it in my 
> machine and thats
> why I committed the test. I don't know why it is failing in 
> your machine,
> please help me out to figure out the delta b/w these 2 
> systems.Also this
> error is pertinent to "ALTER TABLE" operation, which I 
> haven't done in my
> test case. I don't know from where this error pops up?

Line 181 in test backup_objectts while running with InnoDB (see test
output). I would suggest you run your tests on Windows in several
iterations. This is an intermittent failure -- the worst case. If you run it
on Windows and after many attempts do not see the error then I will accept
it is isolated to my machine (it's happened before). But we need to be sure.

I think I need to see another patch before I can approve this to push.


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