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From:jon Date:April 7 2006 12:29am
Subject:svn commit - mysqldoc@docsrva: r1748 - trunk/refman-5.1
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Author: jstephens
Date: 2006-04-07 02:29:09 +0200 (Fri, 07 Apr 2006)
New Revision: 1748


Amending changes made in rev 1714 to make it clear that the use of UT when 
displaying some event timings is -not- expected behaviour and is subject to 
change. (PeterG, Bug #16420)


Modified: trunk/refman-5.1/events.xml
--- trunk/refman-5.1/events.xml	2006-04-06 19:42:32 UTC (rev 1747)
+++ trunk/refman-5.1/events.xml	2006-04-07 00:29:09 UTC (rev 1748)
@@ -627,10 +627,12 @@
             <literal>STARTS</literal> or <literal>ENDS</literal> is
             given as a datetime value, it is taken to mean local time on
             the server. However, the values for both of these are
-            reported using Universal Time in the
+            currently reported using Universal Time in the
             <literal>INFORMATION_SCHEMA.EVENTS</literal> and
             <literal>mysql.event</literal> tables, as well as in the
-            output from <literal>SHOW EVENTS</literal>. For additional
+            output from <literal>SHOW EVENTS</literal>. This is not
+            intended behaviour and your application should not rely on
+            it, as it is subject to change (Bug #16420). For additional
             information, see <xref linkend="events-table"/>.

Modified: trunk/refman-5.1/information-schema.xml
--- trunk/refman-5.1/information-schema.xml	2006-04-06 19:42:32 UTC (rev 1747)
+++ trunk/refman-5.1/information-schema.xml	2006-04-07 00:29:09 UTC (rev 1748)
@@ -4018,9 +4018,9 @@
       <emphasis role="bold">Important</emphasis>: The times displayed by
       the <literal>STARTS</literal>, <literal>ENDS</literal>, and
-      <literal>LAST_EXECUTED</literal> columns are always given in terms
-      of Universal Time (GMT or UTC), regardless of the the server's
-      time zone setting. (The same is true for the
+      <literal>LAST_EXECUTED</literal> columns are currently given in
+      terms of Universal Time (GMT or UTC), regardless of the the
+      server's time zone setting. (The same is true for the
       <literal>starts</literal>, <literal>ends</literal>, and
       <literal>last_executed</literal> columns of the
       <literal>mysql.event</literal> table and the
@@ -4047,6 +4047,12 @@
       Universal Time yields 10:41:23, and it is this value that is shown
       for <literal>STARTS</literal>.
+    <para>
+      This use of Universal Time should not be relied upon in
+      applications, as it is expected to change to server local time in
+      an upcoming MySQL release. (Bug #16420)
+    </para>
       See also <xref linkend="show-events"/>.

Modified: trunk/refman-5.1/sql-syntax.xml
--- trunk/refman-5.1/sql-syntax.xml	2006-04-06 19:42:32 UTC (rev 1747)
+++ trunk/refman-5.1/sql-syntax.xml	2006-04-07 00:29:09 UTC (rev 1748)
@@ -17208,8 +17208,10 @@
           <emphasis role="bold">Note</emphasis>: The values displayed
           for <literal>Starts</literal> and <literal>Ends</literal>
           (other than <literal>'0000-00-00 00:00:00'</literal>) are
-          always shown using Universal Time. For more information (and
-          an example), see <xref linkend="events-table"/>.
+          currently shown using Universal Time. However, <emphasis>the
+            use of Universal Time in this context is expected to change,
+            so you should not rely upon it in your
+            applications</emphasis> (Bug #16420). See also <xref linkend="events-table"/>.

svn commit - mysqldoc@docsrva: r1748 - trunk/refman-5.1jon7 Apr