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From:Monty Taylor Date:April 10 2008 3:12pm
Subject:bzr commit into NDB/Bindings:trunk tree (monty:365) Bug#35961
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revno: 365
revision-id: monty@stripped
parent: monty@stripped
committer: Monty Taylor <monty@stripped>
branch nick: trunk
timestamp: Thu 2008-04-10 17:11:02 +0200
  BUG#35961  ndb-bindings compilation fails on ndbj
  The newfree was causing a copy of the Ndb_cluster_connection pointer to be
  passed back to the app, but was deleting the underlying object. This is not
  what we want.
  interface/ndbapi/NdbClusterConnection.i ndb_cluster_connecti-20070228021421-qkr4cbpxymyqdrf3-6
  interface/ndbapi/NdbFactory.i  ndbfactory.i-20070427052328-bwn5ewzrbigsg9v5-1

Attachment: [text/text/x-diff] patch-365.diff
bzr commit into NDB/Bindings:trunk tree (monty:365) Bug#35961Monty Taylor11 Apr