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From:Andrei Elkin Date:March 28 2008 2:08pm
Subject:bk commit into 5.1 tree (aelkin:1.2549) BUG#33029
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Below is the list of changes that have just been committed into a local
5.1 repository of aelkin.  When aelkin does a push these changes
will be propagated to the main repository and, within 24 hours after the
push, to the public repository.
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ChangeSet@stripped, 2008-03-28 16:07:50+02:00, aelkin@mysql1000.(none) +1 -0
  refining a test for embedded env.

  mysql-test/suite/binlog/t/binlog_auto_increment_bug33029.test@stripped, 2008-03-28 16:07:48+02:00, aelkin@mysql1000.(none) +2 -0
    test must ensure there is binlog capability on the server

diff -Nrup a/mysql-test/suite/binlog/t/binlog_auto_increment_bug33029.test b/mysql-test/suite/binlog/t/binlog_auto_increment_bug33029.test
--- a/mysql-test/suite/binlog/t/binlog_auto_increment_bug33029.test	2008-03-27 07:47:59 +02:00
+++ b/mysql-test/suite/binlog/t/binlog_auto_increment_bug33029.test	2008-03-28 16:07:48 +02:00
@@ -15,6 +15,8 @@
 # rpl_auto_increment_bug33029.test with clean up statements at the end
 # of the test case removed on a buggy 5.0 server
+source include/;
 copy_file $MYSQL_TEST_DIR/std_data/bug33029-slave-relay-bin.000001 $MYSQLTEST_VARDIR/master-data/slave-relay-bin.000001;
 write_file $MYSQLTEST_VARDIR/master-data/slave-relay-bin.index;
bk commit into 5.1 tree (aelkin:1.2549) BUG#33029Andrei Elkin28 Mar
  • Re: bk commit into 5.1 tree (aelkin:1.2549) BUG#33029He Zhenxing31 Mar