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From:Chad MILLER Date:March 5 2008 4:24pm
Subject:bk commit into 5.1 tree (cmiller:1.2523) BUG#34726
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5.1 repository of cmiller.  When cmiller does a push these changes
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ChangeSet@stripped, 2008-03-05 11:23:58-05:00, cmiller@stripped +1 -0
  Bug#34726: open_tables() crashes server if running with --debug
  The DBUG code emits the current value of the proc_info member of THD,
  which may be set to NULL.  It was wrong to dereference that value
  with the format string %s without verifying that it was valid.
  Now, insert an inline test that substitutes the string "(null)" for
  NULL pointers.

  sql/, 2008-03-05 11:23:55-05:00, cmiller@stripped +2 -1
    Dereferencing a NULL is illegal (though not fatal for %s on some 
    platforms), and we have no assurance that the caller didn't call us 
    with a valid string.

diff -Nrup a/sql/ b/sql/
--- a/sql/	2008-01-22 17:45:42 -05:00
+++ b/sql/	2008-03-05 11:23:55 -05:00
@@ -253,7 +253,8 @@ const char *set_thd_proc_info(THD *thd, 
                               const unsigned int calling_line)
   const char *old_info= thd->proc_info;
-  DBUG_PRINT("proc_info", ("%s:%d  %s", calling_file, calling_line, info));
+  DBUG_PRINT("proc_info", ("%s:%d  %s", calling_file, calling_line, 
+                           (info != NULL) ? info : "(null)"));
   thd->profiling.status_change(info, calling_function, calling_file, calling_line);
bk commit into 5.1 tree (cmiller:1.2523) BUG#34726Chad MILLER5 Mar