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From:Rafal Somla Date:December 11 2007 4:53pm
Subject:Re: bk commit into 6.0 tree (cbell:1.2748) BUG#33024
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My comment about test case was completely confused. I wrongly thought that what 
I see in the patch is the whole test script but this is only the part which you 
added :/ Sorry for that!

Chuck Bell wrote:
> I added conditional debug directives to jump around your code for allowing
> only 1 backup to run at a time. See the changes. I did this so that I could
> test running more than one blocker at a time.

The problem I see with that is that the code depends on the fact that only one 
BACKUP/RESTORE command executes at a time. Right now it is the memory allocator 
for stream library. If you disable the check and allow two threads to initialize 
the memory allocator at the same time server will crash most probably...

A possible solution: use error injector to execute block_DDL()/unblock_DDL() 
outside the protected area of the code. Another solution: rewrite memory 
allocator so that it is multi-thread safe (not so easy...).

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