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From:holyfoot Date:November 10 2007 12:54pm
Subject:bk commit into 4.1 tree (holyfoot:1.2688) BUG#32063
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ChangeSet@stripped, 2007-11-10 16:54:25+04:00, holyfoot@stripped +1 -0
  Bug #32063 "create table like" works case-significant only in "embedded" server (libmysqld)
  in mysql_creata_like_table() we 'downcase' the complete path to the
  .frm file. It works fine in standalone case as there usually
  we only have './' as a path to the datahome, but doesn't work in
  the embedded server where we add the real path there, so if a
  directory has uppercase letters in it's name, it won't be found.
  Fixed by 'downcasing' only database/table pair.

  sql/, 2007-11-10 16:54:24+04:00, holyfoot@stripped +4 -4
    Bug #32063 "create table like" works case-significant only in "embedded" server (libmysqld)
    do not lowercase the database directory

diff -Nrup a/sql/ b/sql/
--- a/sql/	2007-01-15 14:03:18 +04:00
+++ b/sql/	2007-11-10 16:54:24 +04:00
@@ -2429,12 +2429,12 @@ int mysql_create_like_table(THD* thd, TA
     strxmov(src_path, (*tmp_table)->path, reg_ext, NullS);
-    strxmov(src_path, mysql_data_home, "/", src_db, "/", src_table,
-	    reg_ext, NullS);
+    char *tablename_pos= strxmov(src_path, mysql_data_home, "/", NullS);
+    strxmov(tablename_pos, src_db, "/", src_table, reg_ext, NullS);
+    if (lower_case_table_names)
+      my_casedn_str(files_charset_info, tablename_pos);
     /* Resolve symlinks (for windows) */
     fn_format(src_path, src_path, "", "", MYF(MY_UNPACK_FILENAME));
-    if (lower_case_table_names)
-      my_casedn_str(files_charset_info, src_path);
     if (access(src_path, F_OK))
       my_error(ER_BAD_TABLE_ERROR, MYF(0), src_table);
bk commit into 4.1 tree (holyfoot:1.2688) BUG#32063holyfoot10 Nov
  • Re: bk commit into 4.1 tree (holyfoot:1.2688) BUG#32063Sergei Golubchik19 Nov