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From:holyfoot Date:October 22 2007 7:01am
Subject:bk commit into 5.2 tree (holyfoot:1.2616) BUG#30329
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ChangeSet@stripped, 2007-10-22 12:01:39+05:00, holyfoot@stripped +1 -0
  bug #30329 main.information_schema_chmod test.
  the check_grant call was #ifdef-ed inproperly in check_table_access()
  what cause wrong return and crash of the embedded server.

  sql/, 2007-10-22 12:01:36+05:00, holyfoot@stripped +0 -2
    bug #30329 main.information_schema_chmod test.
    We don't need these ifdef as check_grant already #ifdef-ed for the
    NO_EMBEDDED_ACCESS_CHECK case, and the check_table_access has to return
    FALSE in this case.

diff -Nrup a/sql/ b/sql/
--- a/sql/	2007-10-04 17:22:07 +05:00
+++ b/sql/	2007-10-22 12:01:36 +05:00
@@ -4878,10 +4878,8 @@ check_table_access(THD *thd, ulong want_
       goto deny;
   thd->security_ctx= backup_ctx;
   return check_grant(thd,want_access & ~EXTRA_ACL,org_tables,
 		       test(want_access & EXTRA_ACL), UINT_MAX, no_errors);
   thd->security_ctx= backup_ctx;
   return TRUE;
bk commit into 5.2 tree (holyfoot:1.2616) BUG#30329holyfoot22 Oct