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From:Georgi Kodinov Date:August 20 2007 3:54pm
Subject:Re: bk commit into 4.1 tree (holyfoot:1.2679) BUG#30286
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Hi holyfoot,

See my remarks below. The fix is generally OK with few requests for  
comments and more tests.

On 17.08.2007, at 13:29, holyfoot@stripped wrote:

> Below is the list of changes that have just been committed into a  
> local
> 4.1 repository of hf. When hf does a push these changes will
> be propagated to the main repository and, within 24 hours after the
> push, to the public repository.
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> ChangeSet@stripped, 2007-08-17 15:29:47+05:00, holyfoot@stripped +3 -0
>   Bug #30286 spatial index cause corruption and server crash!
>   Sometimes the result of the DOUBLE claculations can be bigger
>   than DBL_MAX constant we use in code. If that happens in
>   rtree_pick_key it can fail as it cannot find suitable key.
>   So we shouldn't use DBL_MAX constant as a biggest double we
>   can ever get.

I don't think a valid double value can be greater than DBL_MAX  
(except +/-INF and NaN). Here we may have a NaN because of the way a  
key is selected : it tries to calculate the MBR area increase caused  
by adding the new polygon to the key (an operation that may overflow  
a double).
So as a result rtree_area_increase() returns NaN (and inf for its  
output parameter "ab_area"). And this is the key it doesn't find.

I suggest that you add a (very verbose) comment to rtree_area_increase 
() that explains why and when it can return NaN+inf and what does  
this mean.

Then please think about (and ideally add a test) what can happen if  
the first two keys on the page will trigger NaN+inf case for the same  
value added to them. Can there be such ? If yes, how does NaN compare  
to a NaN (i.e. which key to choose) ?

Obviously the commit comment needs rephrasing as well.

Other than that I don't see other problems with the fix.

Best Regards,
Georgi Kodinov, Senior Software Engineer
MySQL AB, Plovdiv, Bulgaria,
Office: +359 32 634 397 Mobile: +359 887 700 566 Skype: georgekodinov

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