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From:Konstantin Osipov Date:July 12 2007 5:02pm
Subject:Re: bk commit into 5.1 tree (cmiller:1.2508) BUG#27175
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* Chad MILLER <cmiller@stripped> [07/07/12 19:03]:
> Below is the list of changes that have just been committed into a local
> 5.1 repository of cmiller. When cmiller does a push these changes will
> be propagated to the main repository and, within 24 hours after the
> push, to the public repository.
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> see
> ChangeSet@stripped, 2007-07-12 10:49:37-04:00, cmiller@stripped +7 -0
>   Bug#27175: invalid colum attributes in create/alter table
>   One could define columns with contradictory or duplicate attri-
>   butes.  E.g. "NULL NOT NULL DEFAULT 'foo' DEFAULT 'bar' NULL NULL"
>   Now, check that explicitly-set or -unset flags are never reset
>   in the same statement.
>   include/mysql_com.h@stripped, 2007-07-12 10:49:34-04:00, cmiller@stripped +3
> -0
>     Add flags to assist with deteting contradiction and conflicts.

mysql_com.h is for network declarations, available both to the
client library and the server.

> +  /**
> +     Mask of bits used in "type", to keep track of each bit which has been
> +     explicitly set to 0 or 1.  This allows to detect conflicts between user
> +     options.  Otherwise a user could specify contradictory attributes as in
> +     "c int  PRIMARY KEY  NULL" .
> +  */
> +  ulong type_explicit;

Why are all these in the main LEX?
It seems that the problem may happen only when describing columns
for CREATE or ALTER, so why not add these 'bits' to Create_field

-- Konstantin Osipov              Software Developer, Moscow, Russia
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