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From:Ingo Strüwing Date:June 29 2007 8:08am
Subject:Re: bk commit into 5.0 tree (antony:1.2506) BUG#25513
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Hi Antony,

OK to push from me.

Just one small comment glitch. Please do _not_ make a new patch for it.

antony@stripped wrote:
> ChangeSet@stripped, 2007-06-28 16:03:01-07:00, antony@stripped +5 -0
>   Bug#25513
>     "Federared Transactions Failure"
>     Bug occurs when the user performs an operation which inserts more than 
>     one row into the federated table and the federated table references a 
>     remote table stored within a transactional storage engine. When the
>     insert operation for any one row in the statement fails due to 
>     constraint violation, the federated engine is unable to perform 
>     statement rollback and so the remote table contains a partial commit. 
>     The user would expect a statement to perform the same so a statement 
>     rollback is expected.
>     This bug was fixed by implementing  bulk-insert handling into the
>     federated storage engine. This will relieve the bug for most common
>     situations by enabling the generation of a multi-row insert into the
>     remote table and thus permitting the remote table to perform 
>     statement rollback when neccessary.
>     The multi-row insert is limited to the maximum packet size between 
>     servers and should the size overflow, more than one insert statement 
>     will be sent and this bug will reappear. Multi-row insert is disabled
>     when an "INSERT...ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" is being performed.
>     The bulk-insert handling will offer a significant performance boost 
>     when inserting a large number of small rows.
>   This patch builds on Bug29019 and Bug25511
> +/**
> +  @brief End bulk insert.
> +  
> +  @details This method will send any remaining rows to the remote server.
> +  Finally, it will deinitialize the bulk insert data structure.
> +  
> +  @return Operation status
> +  @retval       0       No error
> +  @retval       != 0    Error occured at remote server. Also sets my_errno.

@retval de-indented themselves again. ;-)

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