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From:tikeda Date:December 19 2005 9:07pm
Subject:Connector/J commit: r4711 - branches/branch_5_0/connector-j/src/com/mysql/jdbc
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modified an initial value of ConnectionProperties.useUnicode from false to true, because it was not matched with what reference manual said.

Modified: branches/branch_5_0/connector-j/src/com/mysql/jdbc/
--- branches/branch_5_0/connector-j/src/com/mysql/jdbc/	2005-12-19 16:48:18 UTC (rev 4710)
+++ branches/branch_5_0/connector-j/src/com/mysql/jdbc/	2005-12-19 21:07:17 UTC (rev 4711)
@@ -1313,7 +1313,7 @@
 	private BooleanConnectionProperty useUnicode = new BooleanConnectionProperty(
-			false,
+			true,
 			"Should the driver use Unicode character encodings when handling strings? Should only be used when the driver can't determine the character set mapping, or you are trying to 'force' the driver to use a character set that MySQL either doesn't natively support (such as UTF-8), true/false, defaults to 'true'",
 			"1.1g", MISC_CATEGORY, 0);

Connector/J commit: r4711 - branches/branch_5_0/connector-j/src/com/mysql/jdbctikeda19 Dec