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From:Chad MILLER Date:March 27 2007 3:30pm
Subject:bk commit into 5.0 tree (cmiller:1.2415) BUG#26600
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Below is the list of changes that have just been committed into a local
5.0 repository of cmiller. When cmiller does a push these changes will
be propagated to the main repository and, within 24 hours after the
push, to the public repository.
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ChangeSet@stripped, 2007-03-27 11:30:53-04:00, cmiller@stripped +1 -0
  Bug#26600: table PROFILING in INFORMATION SCHEMA has wrong data type
  Bug#27047[partial]: INFORMATION_SCHEMA table cannot have BIGINT \
  No Information_schema table has ever needed floating-point data 
  before.  Transforming all floating point to a string and back to a
  number causes a real data problem on Windows, where the libc may 
  pad the exponent with more leading zeroes than we expect and the
  significant digits are truncated away.
  This also makes interpreting an unimplemented type as a string into
  a fatal error in debug builds.  Thus, we will catch problems when we
  try to use those types in new I_S tables.

  sql/, 2007-03-27 11:30:51-04:00, cmiller@stripped +9 -0
    Add floating-point types to information_schema output.

# This is a BitKeeper patch.  What follows are the unified diffs for the
# set of deltas contained in the patch.  The rest of the patch, the part
# that BitKeeper cares about, is below these diffs.
# User:	cmiller
# Host:
# Root:	/home/cmiller/work/mysql/bug27047/my50-prece-bug27047

--- 1.339/sql/	2007-02-12 07:06:12 -05:00
+++ 1.340/sql/	2007-03-27 11:30:51 -04:00
@@ -3592,7 +3592,16 @@
+      if ((item= new Item_float(fields_info->field_name, 0.0, NOT_FIXED_DEC, 
+                           fields_info->field_length)) == NULL)
+      break;
+      /* Don't let unimplemented types pass through. Could be a grave error. */
+      DBUG_ASSERT(fields_info->field_type == MYSQL_TYPE_STRING);
       /* this should be changed when Item_empty_string is fixed(in 4.1) */
       if (!(item= new Item_empty_string("", 0, cs)))
bk commit into 5.0 tree (cmiller:1.2415) BUG#26600Chad MILLER27 Mar