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From:Alex Ivanov Date:December 15 2005 10:38am
Subject:bk commit into 5.1 tree (aivanov:1.1969)
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Below is the list of changes that have just been committed into a local
5.1 repository of alexi. When alexi does a push these changes will
be propagated to the main repository and, within 24 hours after the
push, to the public repository.
For information on how to access the public repository

  1.1969 05/12/15 13:38:11 aivanov@stripped +1 -0
  "include" was erroneously removed from SUBDIRS list in the

    1.9 05/12/15 13:38:02 aivanov@stripped +1 -1
    Correction: "include" was erroneously removed

# This is a BitKeeper patch.  What follows are the unified diffs for the
# set of deltas contained in the patch.  The rest of the patch, the part
# that BitKeeper cares about, is below these diffs.
# User:	aivanov
# Host:
# Root:	/home/alexi/innodb-ss/mysql-5.1-ss28

--- 1.8/storage/innobase/	2005-12-13 16:48:59 +03:00
+++ 1.9/storage/innobase/	2005-12-15 13:38:02 +03:00
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
 noinst_HEADERS = ib_config.h
 SUBDIRS =		os ut btr buf data dict dyn eval fil fsp fut \
-			ha ibuf lock log mach mem mtr page \
+			ha ibuf include lock log mach mem mtr page \
 			pars que read rem row srv sync thr trx usr
 # Don't update the files from bitkeeper
bk commit into 5.1 tree (aivanov:1.1969)Alex Ivanov15 Dec