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From:Jon Olav Hauglid Date:September 25 2012 11:25am
Subject:bzr push into mysql-trunk branch (jon.hauglid:4550 to 4551)
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 4551 Jon Olav Hauglid	2012-09-25 [merge]
      Null-merge from mysql-5.6 to mysql-trunk

 4550 Akhila Maddukuri	2012-09-25
      sys_vars.all_vars fails on Windows 32 and 64 bit on daily trunk commercial
      branch with multiple combinations.
      Failure snippet-
      sys_vars.all_vars                        w1 [ fail ]
              Test ended at 2012-08-22 09:20:13
      CURRENT_TEST: sys_vars.all_vars
      'diff' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
      operable program or batch file.
      est/suite/sys_vars/r/all_vars.result	2012-08-22 01:05:07.000000000 +0300
      est\suite\sys_vars\r\all_vars.reject	2012-08-22 10:20:13.251978100 +0300
      @@ -12,5 +12,7 @@
       select variable_name as `There should be *no* variables listed below:` from
       left join t1 on variable_name=test_name where test_name is null ORDER BY
       There should be *no* variables listed below:
       drop table t1;
       drop table t2;
      mysqltest: Result length mismatch
      How to repeat:
      Seen on daily trunk commercial.
     --timer --force --parallel=8 --comment=n_mix_4k_size
      --vardir=var-n_mix --mysqld=--binlog-format=mixed
      --experimental=collections/default.experimental --skip-ndb
      --mysqld=--innodb-page-size=4k --skip-test=innodb_ignore_builtin
      Suggested fix:
      The purpose of all_vars.test is to make sure that there are tests for all 
      system variables. In daily trunk commercial it is failing because it could find 
      test for a system variable called log_throttle_queries_not_using_indexes.
      In windows platform the test-name is truncated to 
      Hence all_vars.test couldn't find a .test file for the above variable.
      Inorder to get rid of the truncation, suggested fix is to change the name of the 
      test to a smaller name which is log_throttle_qni_basic.test
      Also changing the file-name must happen in conjunction with another alias-rewrite:
      update t2 set variable_name= replace(variable_name, "_THROTTLE_QUERIES_NOT_USING_INDEXES", 

      mysql-test/suite/sys_vars/r/log_throttle_queries_not_using_indexes_basic.result => mysql-test/suite/sys_vars/r/log_throttle_qni_basic.result
      mysql-test/suite/sys_vars/t/log_throttle_queries_not_using_indexes_basic.test => mysql-test/suite/sys_vars/t/log_throttle_qni_basic.test
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bzr push into mysql-trunk branch (jon.hauglid:4550 to 4551) Jon Olav Hauglid26 Sep