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From:Aditya A Date:August 27 2012 10:28am
Subject:bzr push into mysql-trunk branch (aditya.a:4339 to 4340)
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 4340 Aditya A	2012-08-27 [merge]
      [NULL merge revsion no 4184 from 5.6 to trunk]

 4339 Vasil Dimov	2012-08-27
      part of WL#6347 InnoDB: Index level compression stats
      Run innodb_cmp_per_index_enabled_basic.test only on 16k page sizes since
      we create a table with an option KEY_BLOCK_SIZE=8k which only works with
      16k or 8k page sizes. There is no way to run the test on 8k or 16k pages,
      but not on 4k, thus we run it only on 16k pages.

No bundle (reason: useless for push emails).
bzr push into mysql-trunk branch (aditya.a:4339 to 4340) Aditya A27 Aug