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From:Marc Alff Date:August 24 2012 8:27am
Subject:bzr push into mysql-5.6 branch (marc.alff:4162 to 4163)
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 4163 Marc Alff	2012-08-24 [merge]
      NULL MERGE mysql-5.5 --> mysql-5.6

 4162 Alexander Nozdrin	2012-08-24
      Patch for Bug#14483430 (RECONSIDER MYSQL 5.6.6 BIND-ADDRESS BEHAVIOUR
      The bug was introduced by WL#6301 (Change default value for the 'bind-address' option).
      The user visible problem was that the server didn't start with the default value
      of bind-address, which is '*'. The star means that the server should choose
      '::' or '' depending on whether IPv6 is available on the box or not.
      The IPv6 detection was implemented by calling getaddrinfo() for the IPv6-address.
      It turned out, it is not enough -- getaddrinfo() might successfully return, but later
      OS failed to create an IPv6-socket. This problem is platform dependent
      (reproduced on CentOS 5.2).
      The fix is to make the check more strict -- try to create a dummy IPv6-socket
      after getaddrinfo() succeeds.
      No test case for the bug since it is platform specific.

No bundle (reason: useless for push emails).
bzr push into mysql-5.6 branch (marc.alff:4162 to 4163) Marc Alff24 Aug