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From:Dmitry Lenev Date:June 21 2012 9:50am
Subject:bzr push into mysql-trunk branch (Dmitry.Lenev:4047 to 4048) Bug#14156617
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 4048 Dmitry Lenev	2012-06-21
      Fix for bug #14156617 "INPLACE ALTER: NOT SUPPORTED ALTER TABLE ...
      Attempt to add a new partition to a partitioned NDB table led to crash
      due to debug assertion in server built from mysql-trunk-cluster tree.
      This also caused ndb_partition_range test failures in this tree.
      The assertion failure occurred due to fact that prep_alter_part_table() 
      has added new partition partition_info object for TABLE instance 
      representing old version of table. Since NDB tables do not support 
      "fast" changes of partitioning, after that we tried to carry out 
      ALTER TABLE by copying data from old version of table to the new 
      version. As in the process we tried to use TABLE object with modified
      partition_info for reading data, which resulted in assertion failure 
      due to discrepancy between real table structure and its description
      in partition_info.
      This patch solves the problem by ensuring that we don't modify 
      partition_info object for TABLE instances representing old version
      of table in cases when "fast" changes of partitioning is not going 
      to be used. Instead we create a copy of partition_info, adjust it
      and use for .FRM/.PAR files creation. Unfortunately we can't easily 
      use this copy in all cases, since current "fast" partitioning API 
      assumes that changes to partitioning are communicated to it through 
      TABLE::part_info object.
      There is no test case as bug is not repeatable without NDB (and
      thus not repeatable in trunk) and mysql-trunk-cluster tree already 
      contains ndb_partition_range.test which provides test coverage for 
      this bug.

 4047 viswanatham gudipati	2012-06-21
      WL5980: Added a perl for copying the zip file

=== modified file 'sql/'
--- a/sql/	2012-06-15 15:32:44 +0000
+++ b/sql/	2012-06-21 09:50:01 +0000
@@ -4763,9 +4763,6 @@ uint prep_alter_part_table(THD *thd, TAB
-    /* We change the part_info, so the table must be reopened. */
-    table->m_needs_reopen= true;
     tab_part_info= table->part_info;
     if (alter_info->flags & Alter_info::ALTER_TABLE_REORG)
@@ -4787,6 +4784,8 @@ uint prep_alter_part_table(THD *thd, TAB
           without any changes at all.
         *fast_alter_table= true;
+        /* Force table re-open for consistency with the main case. */
+        table->m_needs_reopen= true;
         thd->work_part_info= tab_part_info;
@@ -4815,7 +4814,28 @@ uint prep_alter_part_table(THD *thd, TAB
       goto err;
+    {
+      /*
+        "Fast" change of partitioning is supported in this case.
+        We will change TABLE::part_info (as this is how we pass
+        information to storage engine in this case), so the table
+        must be reopened.
+      */
       *fast_alter_table= true;
+      table->m_needs_reopen= true;
+    }
+    else
+    {
+      /*
+        "Fast" changing of partitioning is not supported. Create
+        a copy of TABLE::part_info object, so we can modify it safely.
+        Modifying original TABLE::part_info will cause problems when
+        we read data from old version of table using this TABLE object
+        while copying them to new version of table.
+      */
+      if (!(tab_part_info= tab_part_info->get_clone()))
+    }
     DBUG_PRINT("info", ("*fast_alter_table flags: 0x%x", flags));
     if ((alter_info->flags & Alter_info::ALTER_ADD_PARTITION) ||
         (alter_info->flags & Alter_info::ALTER_REORGANIZE_PARTITION))
@@ -5577,7 +5597,9 @@ the generated partition syntax in a corr
        There was no partitioning before and no partitioning defined.
        Obviously no work needed.
-    if (table->part_info)
+    partition_info *tab_part_info= table->part_info;
+    if (tab_part_info)
       if (alter_info->flags & Alter_info::ALTER_REMOVE_PARTITIONING)
@@ -5585,7 +5607,7 @@ the generated partition syntax in a corr
         if (!(create_info->used_fields & HA_CREATE_USED_ENGINE))
           DBUG_PRINT("info", ("No explicit engine used"));
-          create_info->db_type= table->part_info->default_engine_type;
+          create_info->db_type= tab_part_info->default_engine_type;
         DBUG_PRINT("info", ("New engine type: %s",
@@ -5597,16 +5619,20 @@ the generated partition syntax in a corr
           Retain partitioning but possibly with a new storage engine
+          Create a copy of TABLE::part_info to be able to modify it freely.
-        thd->work_part_info= table->part_info;
+        if (!(tab_part_info= tab_part_info->get_clone()))
+          DBUG_RETURN(TRUE);
+        thd->work_part_info= tab_part_info;
         if (create_info->used_fields & HA_CREATE_USED_ENGINE &&
-            create_info->db_type != table->part_info->default_engine_type)
+            create_info->db_type != tab_part_info->default_engine_type)
             Make sure change of engine happens to all partitions.
           DBUG_PRINT("info", ("partition changed"));
-          if (table->part_info->is_auto_partitioned)
+          if (tab_part_info->is_auto_partitioned)
               If the user originally didn't specify partitioning to be
@@ -5634,7 +5660,7 @@ the generated partition syntax in a corr
         Need to cater for engine types that can handle partition without
         using the partition handler.
-      if (thd->work_part_info != table->part_info)
+      if (thd->work_part_info != tab_part_info)
         DBUG_PRINT("info", ("partition changed"));
         *partition_changed= TRUE;
@@ -5651,8 +5677,8 @@ the generated partition syntax in a corr
         part_info->default_engine_type= create_info->db_type;
-        if (table->part_info)
-          part_info->default_engine_type= table->part_info->default_engine_type;
+        if (tab_part_info)
+          part_info->default_engine_type= tab_part_info->default_engine_type;
           part_info->default_engine_type= create_info->db_type;

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bzr push into mysql-trunk branch (Dmitry.Lenev:4047 to 4048) Bug#14156617Dmitry Lenev25 Jun