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From:Annamalai Gurusami Date:April 18 2012 9:51am
Subject:bzr push into mysql-trunk branch (annamalai.gurusami:3895 to 3896)
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 3896 Annamalai Gurusami	2012-04-18 [merge]
      Null merge from mysql-5.5 to mysql-trunk. 

 3895 Chaithra Gopalareddy	2012-04-18
      This is a follow up patch on 5.6 for the bug#12713907.
      This bug is not reproducible on 5.6 as changes for WL#5558
      hides the problem.
      In 5.6, since keyread is set to true in test_if_skip_sot_order
      for both 'QUICK_RANGE_SELECT' and 'JT_INDEX_SCAN', we need
      to move the call for set_keyread to join_init_read_record.
      Access function for JT_INDEX_SCAN already has the call to
      Note that a Work log is being created to clean up the
      set_keyread calls from places other than access functions.
      For now, we are only removing the call from
      test_if_skip_sort_order and moving it to
     @ sql/
        Call set_keyread from access function join_init_read_record
     @ sql/
        Remove the call to set_keyread from test_if_skip_sort_order

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bzr push into mysql-trunk branch (annamalai.gurusami:3895 to 3896) Annamalai Gurusami20 Apr