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From:MySQL Release Engineering Date:June 10 2011 2:39pm
Subject:bzr push into mysql-5.1 branch (mysql-re_ww:3643 to 3644)
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 3644 Karen Langford	2011-06-10
      Raise version number after cloning 5.1.58

 3643 Dmitry Shulga	2011-06-10
      Fixed bug#11753738 (formely known as bug#45235) - 5.1 DOES NOT SUPPORT 5.0-ONLY
      Table with triggers which were using deprecated (5.0-only) syntax became
      unavailable for any DML and DDL after upgrade to 5.1 version of server.
      Attempt to execute any statement on such a table resulted in parsing
      error reported. Since this included DROP TRIGGER and DROP TABLE
      statements (actually, the latter was allowed but was not functioning
      properly for such tables) it was impossible to fix the problem without
      manual operations on .TRG and .TRN files in data directory.
      The problem was that failure to parse trigger body (due to 5.0-only
      syntax) when opening trigger file for a table prevented the table
      from being open. This made all operations on the table impossible
      (except DROP TABLE which due to peculiarity in its implementation
      dropped the table but left trigger files around).
      This patch solves this problem by silencing error which occurs when
      we parse trigger body during table open. Error message is preserved
      for the future use and table is marked as having a broken trigger.
      We also try to analyze parse tree to recover trigger name, which
      will be needed in order to drop the broken trigger. DML statements
      which invoke triggers on the table marked as having broken trigger
      are prohibited and emit saved error message. The same happens for
      DDL which change triggers except DROP TRIGGER and DROP TABLE which
      try their best to do what was requested. Table becomes no longer
      marked as having broken trigger when last such trigger is dropped.
     @ mysql-test/r/trigger-compat.result
        Add results for test case for bug#45235
     @ mysql-test/t/trigger-compat.test
        Add test case for bug#45235.
     @ sql/
        Added protection against MEM_ROOT double restoring to
        sp_head::restore_thd_mem_root() method. Since this
        method can be sometimes called twice during parsing
        of stored routine (the first time during normal flow
        of parsing, and the second time when a syntax error
        is detected) we need to shortcut execution of the
        method to avoid damaging MEM_ROOT by the second
        consecutive call to this method.
     @ sql/
        Added error handler Deprecated_trigger_syntax_handler to 
        catch non-OOM errors during parsing of trigger body.
        Added handling of parse errors into method 
     @ sql/sql_trigger.h
        Added new members to handle broken triggers and error messages.

=== modified file ''
--- a/	2011-06-06 10:13:54 +0000
+++ b/	2011-06-10 14:37:11 +0000
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ dnl
 dnl When changing the major version number please also check the switch
 dnl statement in mysqlbinlog::check_master_version().  You may also need
 dnl to update version.c in ndb.
-AC_INIT([MySQL Server], [5.1.58], [], [mysql])
+AC_INIT([MySQL Server], [5.1.59], [], [mysql])

No bundle (reason: useless for push emails).
bzr push into mysql-5.1 branch (mysql-re_ww:3643 to 3644) MySQL Release Engineering11 Jun