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From:Dmitry Lenev Date:May 19 2011 12:08pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (jon.hauglid:3102)
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Hello Jon Olav!

* Jon Olav Hauglid <jon.hauglid@stripped> [11/05/19 14:53]:
> #At file:///export/home/x/mysql-trunk-bug11762345/ based on
> revid:mayank.prasad@stripped
>  3102 Jon Olav Hauglid	2011-05-19
>       Bug#11762345 54927: DROPPING AND ADDING AN INDEX IN ONE
>                    COMMAND CAN FAIL IN INNODB PLUGIN 1.0


>     modified:
>       mysql-test/suite/innodb/r/innodb-index.result
>       mysql-test/suite/innodb/r/innodb.result
>       mysql-test/suite/innodb/r/innodb_mysql.result
>       mysql-test/suite/innodb/t/innodb-index.test
>       mysql-test/suite/innodb/t/innodb.test
>       mysql-test/suite/innodb/t/innodb_mysql.test

Please don't forget to notify InnoDB team about your changes to
innodb test suite.

I think it is OK to push this patch.

Dmitry Lenev, Software Developer
Oracle Development SPB/MySQL,

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bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (jon.hauglid:3102) Bug#11762345Jon Olav Hauglid19 May
  • Re: bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (jon.hauglid:3102)Bug#11762345Dmitry Lenev19 May