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From:Tatjana Azundris Nuernberg Date:May 11 2011 11:50pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.5-bugteam branch (azundris:3229) Bug#21287
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On 2011/05/11 20:48, Davi Arnaut wrote:

Hi Davi,

Thanks for your input!

After reading the docs some more, and running some more tests ...

There is absolutely no reason we shouldn't hand in the proper return 
values from the SSL I/O calls, seeing as we do have the information. 
This should prevent GIGO.  Code fixed to pass in the SSL_*() return 
values.  New patch also removes duplicate report_errors() in 
viosslfactories.c, and renames the function to ssl_report_errors() to 
keep the namespace sane.

> Why not simply use ERR_peek_error?

De facto it's always 0 ("not in error state") for the I/O functions, so 
we wouldn't get useful error messages for failing I/O. Or well, we do, 
but we shouldn't. :) I've split the I/O and other error handling now. In 
fact I'm not sure the "other errors" ever come up, but at least that way 
we're guaranteed an empty error Q *before* calling I/O: this doesn't 
actually seem necessary at this point, but the docs say we should do 
this.  Call it future-proofing. :)  I'm much happier with this

Best regards,

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