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From:Magnus Blåudd Date:April 6 2011 8:40pm
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-5.5-cluster branch (magnus.blaudd:3275)
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#At file:///data0/magnus/mysql/5.5-cluster/ based on revid:magnus.blaudd@strippedr

 3275 Magnus Blåudd	2011-04-06
       - disable ndb_dbug_lock.test, it depends on gsl lock order. Currently
         the GSL lock is taken after MDL lock (for the ALTER case) and thus
         the MDL lock serializes ALTER's from different test, causing test to fail.
       - Need to determine how LOCK TABLES should be allowed to interact with GSL
       and MDL locking,initially idea was it should not affect anything.

=== modified file 'mysql-test/suite/ndb/t/disabled.def'
--- a/mysql-test/suite/ndb/t/disabled.def	2011-03-08 13:02:28 +0000
+++ b/mysql-test/suite/ndb/t/disabled.def	2011-04-06 20:37:15 +0000
@@ -42,3 +42,5 @@ ndb_sql_allow_batching   : SEAGULL WL373
 ndb_temporary : SEAGULL patch to disallow temporary tables does not work
+ndb_dbug_lock : SEAGULL gsl locking order

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bzr commit into mysql-5.5-cluster branch (magnus.blaudd:3275) Magnus Blåudd6 Apr