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From:Bjorn Munch Date:April 4 2011 8:20am
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-next-mr-wl5569 branch
(andrei.elkin:3273) WL#5569
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On 03/04 10.07, Andrei Elkin wrote:
> -
> -let $i = $databases + 1;

I see you've removed this line, but this wouldn't have worked
anyway. mysqltest does not do aritchmetics, so this would just have
become a string ending in in " + 1".

This could have been used:

let $i= $databases;
inc $i;

> -while($i)

In 5.5+ you can now use simple comparisions in if or while
conditions. Left hand side must be a variable, but you can now say

while ($i <= $databases)

- Bjorn
bzr commit into mysql-next-mr-wl5569 branch (andrei.elkin:3273) WL#5569Andrei Elkin3 Apr
  • Re: bzr commit into mysql-next-mr-wl5569 branch(andrei.elkin:3273) WL#5569Bjorn Munch4 Apr