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From:Andrei Elkin Date:March 14 2011 1:50pm
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (andrei.elkin:3758) Bug#58754 Bug#11765758
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#At file:///home/andrei/MySQL/BZR/2a-23May/mysql-trunk/ based on revid:andrei.elkin@stripped

 3758 Andrei Elkin	2011-03-14
      Bug#11765758  bug#58754 RPL_CORRUPTION FAILED on mysql-trunk
      This is an intermidiate commit carring 
      small changes in corruption simulation that are supposed to reveal if Bug@58630 is involved 
      into the crash issue.
     @ sql/
        (temporary) changing a fine reset for the session debug variable with a coarse emptying still
        preserving correctness of simulation and its handling.

=== modified file 'sql/'
--- a/sql/	2011-02-14 16:07:38 +0000
+++ b/sql/	2011-03-14 13:50:52 +0000
@@ -4372,7 +4372,7 @@ static int queue_event(Master_info* mi,c
       int debug_cor_pos = rand() % (event_len - BINLOG_CHECKSUM_LEN);
       debug_event_buf_c[debug_cor_pos] =~ debug_event_buf_c[debug_cor_pos];
       DBUG_PRINT("info", ("Corrupt the event at queue_event: byte on position %d", debug_cor_pos));
-      DBUG_SET("-d,corrupt_queue_event");
+      DBUG_SET("");

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bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (andrei.elkin:3758) Bug#58754 Bug#11765758Andrei Elkin14 Mar