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From:Davi Arnaut Date:March 9 2011 2:08pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.5 branch (jon.hauglid:3378) Bug#11815600
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On 3/9/11 10:45 AM, Jon Olav Hauglid wrote:
> #Atfile:///export/home/x/mysql-5.5-bug11815600/  based
> onrevid:marc.alff@stripped
>   3378 Jon Olav Hauglid	2011-03-09
>                     KEY NO 0 FOR TABLE IN ERROR LOG
>        With the changes made by the patches for Bug#11751388 and
>        Bug#11784056, concurrent reads are allowed while secondary
>        indexes are created in InnoDB. This means that the metadata
>        lock on the affected table is not upgraded to exclusive
>        until the .FRM is updated at the end of ALTER TABLE processing.
>        The problem was that if this lock upgrade failed for some
>        reason (e.g. timeout), the index information in the server
>        and inside InnoDB would be out of sync. This would happen
>        since the add index operation already was committed inside
>        InnoDB but the table metadata inside the server had not been
>        updated yet.
>        This patch fixes the problem by (for now) reverting the
>        effects of the patches for Bug#11751388 and Bug#11784056.
>        Concurrent reads will now again be blocked during creation
>        of secondary indexes in InnoDB.
>        Test case added to innodb_mysql_lock.test.

OK to push.
bzr commit into mysql-5.5 branch (jon.hauglid:3378) Bug#11815600Jon Olav Hauglid9 Mar
  • Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.5 branch (jon.hauglid:3378) Bug#11815600Davi Arnaut9 Mar