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From:Sergey Vojtovich Date:February 15 2011 8:36am
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.1 branch (Dmitry.Lenev:3591)
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Hi Dmitry,

ok to push.


On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 07:47:56AM -0000, Dmitry Lenev wrote:
> #At file:///home/dlenev/src/bzr/mysql-5.1-59888/ based on
> revid:georgi.kodinov@stripped
>  3591 Dmitry Lenev	2011-02-13
>       Fix for bug#11766714 (former bug @59888) "debug assertion when
>       attempt to create spatial index on char > 31 bytes".
>       Attempt to create spatial index on char field with length
>       greater than 31 byte led to assertion failure on server
>       compiled with safemutex support.
>       The problem occurred in mi_create() function which was called
>       to create a new version of table being altered. This function
>       failed since it detected an attempt to create a spatial key
>       on non-binary column and tried to return an error.
>       On its error path it tried to unlock THR_LOCK_myisam mutex
>       which has not been not locked at this point. Indeed such an
>       incorrect behavior was caught by safemutex wrapper and caused
>       assertion failure.
>       This patch fixes the problem by ensuring that mi_create()
>       doesn't releases THR_LOCK_myisam mutex on error path if it was
>       not acquired.

Sergey Vojtovich <svoj@stripped>
MySQL AB, Software Engineer
Izhevsk, Russia,
bzr commit into mysql-5.1 branch (Dmitry.Lenev:3591) Bug#11766714Dmitry Lenev13 Feb
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