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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:February 10 2011 9:48pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.5-bugteam branch (joerg:3212) Bug#42969
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Hi Guilhem!

Guilhem Bichot wrote:
> Hello,
> Joerg Bruehe a écrit, Le 07.02.2011 12:50:
>> #At file:///MySQL/REPO/V55/bug42969-5.5/ based on
>> revid:joerg@stripped
>>  3212 Joerg Bruehe    2011-02-07
>>       Bug #42969      Please add a MANIFEST to each build
>>             First attempt at a test that will verify the existence
>>       of both "INFO_SRC" and "INFO:_BIN", as well as (some of)
>>       their expected (invariant) contents.
>> +open(I_SRC,"<","$dir_docs/INFO_SRC") or print "Cannot open 'INFO_SRC'
>> in '$dir_docs'\n";
>> +while(defined ($line = <I_SRC>)) {
>> +  if ($line =~ m|^MySQL source \d\.\d\.\d+|) {$found_version = "Found
>> MySQL version number";}
>> +  if ($line =~ m|^revision-id: |) {$found_revision = "Found BZR
>> revision id";}
> Can we make the pattern above more specic, to verify that in the
> revision-id line we have '@' and '-2', as in
> joerg@stripped
> ?
> The interest is making sure that it's really a bzr revision-id which the
>  cmake commands put in INFO_SRC, and not some wrong data.

Sure, that is no problem. I will do that.

>> +}
>> +close I_SRC;
>> +print "INFO_SRC: $found_version / $found_revision\n";
>> +$found_compiler = "No line 'Compiler flags'";
>> +$found_features = "No line 'Feature flags'";
>> +open(I_BIN,"<","$dir_docs/INFO_BIN") or print "Cannot open 'INFO_BIN'
>> in '$dir_docs'\n";
>> +while(defined ($line = <I_BIN>)) {
>> +  if ($line =~ m| Compiler flags used |) {$found_compiler = "Found
>> 'Compiler flags' line";}
> here we don't search for ':'

Correct - the text doesn't have it:
1) That is my first version, it fails on Windows, because there I cannot
   output compiler *flags*, rather I output "Generator used".
2) The complete header line about "flags" (on Unix) is
      ===== Compiler flags used (from the 'sql/' subdirectory): =====
   because some directories are using slightly different flags, so you
   see there is no colon immediately after "used".
   On Windows, it is
      ===== Compiler / generator used: =====

>> +  if ($line =~ m| Feature flags used:|) {$found_features = "Found
>> 'Feature flags' line";}
> here we do?

Yes, as explained above (feature flags apply to the whole build).

The current check on "INFO_BIN" is

   while(defined ($line = <I_BIN>)) {
     # "generator" on Windows, "flags" on Unix:
     if (($line =~ m| Compiler / generator used: |) ||
         ($line =~ m| Compiler flags used |))   {$found_compiler =
"Found 'Compiler ... used' line";}
     if  ($line =~ m| Feature flags used:|)     {$found_features =
"Found 'Feature flags' line";}

So I don't mention "flags" in the success message any more.

> The rest looks quite good.

I trust checking for two header lines per file is enough, and the
messages should clearly tell the problem in case of a failing test.

By now, I fixed the Windows issue, and I also fixed path name build
(RPMs use a different layout, even different for SuSE and RedHat).
I will check the results of the last platforms tomorrow (some are still
missing), but what I got till now already covers all different types of

I expect to provide the final (combined) changeset tomorrow.

Joerg Bruehe,  MySQL Build Team,  joerg.bruehe@stripped
               (+49 30) 417 01 487
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