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From:Bjorn Munch Date:February 7 2011 11:57pm
Subject:bzr push into mysql-5.1 branch (bjorn.munch:3579 to 3580)
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 3580 Bjorn Munch	2011-02-08 [merge]
      merge 47141,59979

 3579 Ole John Aske	2011-02-07
      Fix for bug#59308: Incorrect result for SELECT DISTINCT <col>... ORDER BY <col> DESC.
      Also fix bug#59110: Memory leak of QUICK_SELECT_I allocated memory.
      Includes Jørgen Lølands review comments.
      Root cause of these bugs are that test_if_skip_sort_order() decided to
      revert the 'skip_sort_order' descision (and use filesort) after the
      query plan has been updated to reflect a 'skip' of the sort order.
      This might happen in 'check_reverse_order:' if we have a 
      select->quick which could not be made descending by appending 
      a QUICK_SELECT_DESC. ().
      The original 'save_quick' was then restored after the QEP has been modified,
      which caused:
        - An incorrect 'precomputed_group_by= TRUE' may have been set, 
          and not reverted, as part of the already modifified QEP (Bug#59308)
        - A 'select->quick' might have been created which we fail to delete (bug#59110).
      This fix is a refactorication of test_if_skip_sort_order() where all logic
      related to modification of QEP (controlled by argument 'bool no_changes'), is
      moved to the end of test_if_skip_sort_order(), and done after *all* 'test_if_skip'
      checks has been performed - including the 'check_reverse_order:' checks.
      The refactorication above contains now intentional changes to the logic which 
      has been moved to the end of the function.
      Furthermore, a smaller part of the fix address the handling of the 
      select->quick objects which may already exists when we call 
      'test_if_skip_sort_order()' (save_quick) -and
      new select->quick's created during test_if_skip_sort_order():
        - Before new select->quick may be created by calling ::test_quick_select(), we
          set 'select->quick= 0' to avoid that ::test_quick_select() prematurely
          delete the save_quick's. (After this call we may have both a 'save_quick' 
          and 'select->quick')
        - All returns from ::test_if_skip_sort_order() where we may have both a
          'save_quick' and a 'select->quick' has been changed to goto's to the
          exit points 'skiped_sort_order:' or 'need_filesort:' where we
          decide which of the QUICK_SELECT's to keep, and delete the other.

=== modified file 'mysql-test/'
--- a/mysql-test/	2011-01-27 11:38:13 +0000
+++ b/mysql-test/	2011-02-07 11:42:21 +0000
@@ -182,6 +182,7 @@ my $opt_cursor_protocol;
 my $opt_view_protocol;
 our $opt_debug;
+our $opt_debug_server;
 our @opt_cases;                  # The test cases names in argv
 our $opt_embedded_server;
@@ -936,6 +937,7 @@ sub command_line_setup {
              # Debugging
              'debug'                    => \$opt_debug,
+             'debug-server'             => \$opt_debug_server,
              'gdb'                      => \$opt_gdb,
              'client-gdb'               => \$opt_client_gdb,
              'manual-gdb'               => \$opt_manual_gdb,
@@ -1082,6 +1084,9 @@ sub command_line_setup {
   my $path_share= dirname($path_language);
   $path_charsetsdir=   mtr_path_exists("$path_share/charsets");
+  # --debug implies we run debug server
+  $opt_debug_server= 1 if $opt_debug;
   if (using_extern())
     # Connect to the running mysqld and find out what it supports
@@ -1712,7 +1717,7 @@ sub find_mysqld {
   my @mysqld_names= ("mysqld", "mysqld-max-nt", "mysqld-max",
-  if ( $opt_debug ){
+  if ( $opt_debug_server ){
     # Put mysqld-debug first in the list of binaries to look for
     mtr_verbose("Adding mysqld-debug first in list of binaries to look for");
     unshift(@mysqld_names, "mysqld-debug");
@@ -1783,9 +1788,12 @@ sub executable_setup () {
 sub client_debug_arg($$) {
   my ($args, $client_name)= @_;
+  # Workaround for Bug #50627: drop any debug opt
+  return if $client_name =~ /^mysqlbinlog/;
   if ( $opt_debug ) {
-		"--debug=d:t:A,%s/log/%s.trace",
+		"--loose-debug=d:t:A,%s/log/%s.trace",
 		$path_vardir_trace, $client_name)
@@ -2399,9 +2407,9 @@ sub check_debug_support ($) {
     #mtr_report(" - binaries are not debug compiled");
     $debug_compiled_binaries= 0;
-    if ( $opt_debug )
+    if ( $opt_debug_server )
-      mtr_error("Can't use --debug, binaries does not support it");
+      mtr_error("Can't use --debug[-server], binary does not support it");
@@ -5579,6 +5587,8 @@ Options for debugging the product
   client-gdb            Start mysqltest client in gdb
   ddd                   Start mysqld in ddd
   debug                 Dump trace output for all servers and client programs
+  debug-server          Use debug version of server, but without turning on
+                        tracing
   debugger=NAME         Start mysqld in the selected debugger
   gdb                   Start the mysqld(s) in gdb
   manual-debug          Let user manually start mysqld in debugger, before

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bzr push into mysql-5.1 branch (bjorn.munch:3579 to 3580) Bjorn Munch8 Feb