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From:Sergey Vojtovich Date:February 4 2011 8:31am
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.1-bugteam branch (Dmitry.Shulga:3521)
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Hi Dmitry,

ok to push.


On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 11:38:31AM -0000, Dmitry Shulga wrote:
> #At file:///Users/shulga/projects/mysql/5.1-bugteam-bug57450/ based on
> revid:azundris@stripped
>  3521 Dmitry Shulga	2011-02-02
>       Fixed bug#57450	- mysql client enter in an infinite loop
>       if the standard input is a directory.
>       The problem is that mysql monitor try to read from stdin without
>       checking input source type.
>       The solution is to stop reading data from standard input if a call
>       to read(2) failed.
>       A new test case was added into mysql.test.

Sergey Vojtovich <svoj@stripped>
MySQL AB, Software Engineer
Izhevsk, Russia,
bzr commit into mysql-5.1-bugteam branch (Dmitry.Shulga:3521) Bug#57450Dmitry Shulga2 Feb
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