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From:Tor Didriksen Date:January 27 2011 1:25pm
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-5.5 branch (tor.didriksen:3280) Bug#59273
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#At file:///export/home/didrik/repo/5.5-bug59273FILE/ based on revid:mattias.jonsson@stripped

 3280 Tor Didriksen	2011-01-27
      Bug #59273 show profile source doesn't show Source_function or truncates Source_file
      Fixed the 'show profile source' part of the bug.
      Leaving SHOW ENGINE INNODB MUTEX to a separate patch.
     @ sql/
        Use base_name(calling_file) for dbug trace and profiling.

=== modified file 'sql/'
--- a/sql/	2010-12-17 08:56:43 +0000
+++ b/sql/	2011-01-27 13:25:27 +0000
@@ -272,10 +272,11 @@ const char *set_thd_proc_info(void *thd_
     thd= current_thd;
   const char *old_info= thd->proc_info;
-  DBUG_PRINT("proc_info", ("%s:%d  %s", calling_file, calling_line,
-                           (info != NULL) ? info : "(null)"));
+  const char *basename= calling_file ? base_name(calling_file) : NULL;
+  DBUG_PRINT("proc_info", ("%s:%d  %s", basename, calling_line, info));
-  thd->profiling.status_change(info, calling_function, calling_file, calling_line);
+  thd->profiling.status_change(info, calling_function, basename, calling_line);
   thd->proc_info= info;
   return old_info;

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bzr commit into mysql-5.5 branch (tor.didriksen:3280) Bug#59273Tor Didriksen27 Jan