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From:marko.makela Date:January 17 2011 12:13pm
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-5.5-innodb branch (marko.makela:3285)
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#At file:///home/marko/innobase/dev/mysql2a/5.5-innodb/ based on revid:jimmy.yang@strippedb1njv212bc

 3285 Marko Mäkelä	2011-01-17 [merge]
      Merge from mysql-5.1-innodb to mysql-5.5-innodb.

=== modified file 'storage/innobase/include/dict0types.h'
--- a/storage/innobase/include/dict0types.h	revid:jimmy.yang@stripped0115072447-gcd7bsb1njv212bc
+++ b/storage/innobase/include/dict0types.h	revid:marko.makela@stripped43-3pfnb5f4ntwbnmj0
@@ -33,11 +33,6 @@ typedef struct dict_index_struct	dict_in
 typedef struct dict_table_struct	dict_table_t;
 typedef struct dict_foreign_struct	dict_foreign_t;
-/* A cluster object is a table object with the type field set to
-typedef dict_table_t			dict_cluster_t;
 typedef struct ind_node_struct		ind_node_t;
 typedef struct tab_node_struct		tab_node_t;

=== modified file 'storage/innobase/include/trx0rseg.h'
--- a/storage/innobase/include/trx0rseg.h	revid:jimmy.yang@stripped
+++ b/storage/innobase/include/trx0rseg.h
@@ -141,9 +141,7 @@ struct trx_rseg_struct{
 	ulint		id;	/*!< rollback segment id == the index of
 				its slot in the trx system file copy */
 	mutex_t		mutex;	/*!< mutex protecting the fields in this
-				struct except id; NOTE that the latching
-				order must always be kernel mutex ->
-				rseg mutex */
+				struct except id, which is constant */
 	ulint		space;	/*!< space where the rollback segment is
 				header is placed */
 	ulint		zip_size;/* compressed page size of space

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bzr commit into mysql-5.5-innodb branch (marko.makela:3285) marko.makela17 Jan