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From:Davi Arnaut Date:January 10 2011 10:19pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (azundris:3349) Bug#53630
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On 1/6/11 11:21 AM, Tatiana Azundris Nurnberg wrote:
> #Atfile:///Users/tnurnberg/forest/53630/56-53630/  based
> onrevid:tor.didriksen@stripped
>   3349 Tatiana Azundris Nurnberg	2011-01-06
>        Bug#53630: include the connection ID in the slow query log
>        Include thread_ID in both file and table forms of slow query log.
>        Add new column to upgrade and 1st_install paths (CREATE/ALTER TABLE
>        slow_log). Add integrity check for General and Slow Query Log Table.

OK to push. Thanks for working on this!


bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (azundris:3349) Bug#53630Tatiana Azundris Nurnberg6 Jan
  • Re: bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (azundris:3349) Bug#53630Davi Arnaut10 Jan