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From:Davi Arnaut Date:January 10 2011 1:10pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-trunk-bugfixing branch (jon.hauglid:3450)
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Hi Jon,

On 12/20/10 10:59 AM, Jon Olav Hauglid wrote:
> #At file:///export/home/x/mysql-trunk-bugfixing-bug53322/ based on
> revid:bar@stripped
>   3450 Jon Olav Hauglid	2010-12-20
>        Bug #53322 deadlock with FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK and DROP FUNCTION
>        This deadlock could occur between two connections if one connection
>        first locked the mysql.func table (using either FLUSH TABLES WITH
>        READ LOCK or LOCK TABLE mysql.func WRITE). If the second connection
>        then tried to either CREATE or DROP an UDF function, a deadlock would
>        occur when the first connection tried to use an UDF function.
>        The reason for the deadlock was the way the THR_LOCK_udf rwlock was
>        used in the UDF handling code. For CREATE or DROP FUNCTION (UDF),
>        THR_LOCK_udf was write locked before mysql.func was locked and opened.
>        This meant that another connection first locking mysql.func and later
>        using an UDF function (and thus locking THR_LOCK_udf), could cause
>        a deadlock.
>        This patch fixes the problem by changing the CREATE FUNCTION (UDF)
>        implementation to open mysql.func before locking THR_LOCK_udf. The
>        DROP FUNCTION (UDF) implementation is changed so that THR_LOCK_udf
>        is unlocked before opening mysql.func.
>        Test case added to udf.test.

OK to push given that the comment below is addressed (if possible).


>     restore_record(table, s->default_values);	// Default values for fields
> @@ -557,6 +559,7 @@ int mysql_drop_function(THD *thd,const L
>     char *exact_name_str;
>     uint exact_name_len;
>     bool save_binlog_row_based;
> +  int error= 1;
>     DBUG_ENTER("mysql_drop_function");
>     if (!initialized)
> @@ -580,7 +583,8 @@ int mysql_drop_function(THD *thd,const L
>                                          (uint) udf_name->length)))
>     {
>       my_error(ER_FUNCTION_NOT_DEFINED, MYF(0), udf_name->str);
> -    goto err;
> +    mysql_rwlock_unlock(&THR_LOCK_udf);

It would be nicer if the same pattern used in mysql_create_function is 
used in mysql_drop_function. That is, the table is opened and locked 
before THR_LOCK_udf is locked.

Otherwise, looks good.


bzr commit into mysql-trunk-bugfixing branch (jon.hauglid:3450) Bug#53322Jon Olav Hauglid20 Dec
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