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From:john.russell Date:December 9 2010 8:19pm
Subject:svn commit - mysqldoc@docsrva: r24362 - trunk/innodb-1.1
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Author: jrussell
Date: 2010-12-09 21:19:26 +0100 (Thu, 09 Dec 2010)
New Revision: 24362

Corrected other references to option defaults that changed during 5.5.x lifetime.


Modified: trunk/innodb-1.1/innodb-other-changes.xml
--- trunk/innodb-1.1/innodb-other-changes.xml	2010-12-09 19:20:04 UTC (rev 24361)
+++ trunk/innodb-1.1/innodb-other-changes.xml	2010-12-09 20:19:26 UTC (rev 24362)
Changed blocks: 2, Lines Added: 3, Lines Deleted: 5; 1391 bytes

@@ -58,8 +58,7 @@
       To create new tables that require a new file format, you must
       enable the new &q.barracuda; file format, using the configuration
-      parameter <literal role="sysvar">innodb_file_format</literal>. (In
-      MySQL 5.5.5 and higher, the Barracuda setting is the default.) The
+      parameter <literal role="sysvar">innodb_file_format</literal>. The
       value of this parameter determines whether a newly created table
       or index can use compression or the new &dynamic; row format. If
       you omit <literal role="sysvar">innodb_file_format</literal> or

@@ -201,9 +200,8 @@
         dynamic, and must be set to &q.barracuda; to create new
         compressed tables, or tables that use the new row format
         &dynamic;. Since both parameters are dynamic, it is easy to
-        experiment with these table formats and the downgrade procedure
-        described in <xref linkend="innodb-downgrading"/> without a
-        system shutdown and restart.
+        experiment with these table formats without a system shutdown
+        and restart.

svn commit - mysqldoc@docsrva: r24362 - trunk/innodb-1.1john.russell9 Dec