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From:Luís Soares Date:December 9 2010 11:33am
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-trunk-bugfixing branch (Dao-Gang.Qu:3427)
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Hi Dao-Gang,

   I am approving the patch, but I need you to improve the
description of symptom #1 and perhaps symptom #2 - which
I am having a hard time to follow - maybe I missed something.

   But overall, I think that the change you propose fixes
both issues: timeout and extra error in the error log.


On 12/09/2010 08:33 AM, Dao-Gang.Qu@stripped wrote:
> #At file:///home/daogang/bzrwork/bug57918/mysql-trunk-bugfixing/ based on
> revid:marc.alff@stripped
>   3427 Dao-Gang.Qu@stripped	2010-12-09
>        Bug #57918  	rpl_get_master_version_and_clock times out sporadically
>        The reason is that sometimes the slave is unblocked before the
>        master server is really shutdown.
>        Symptom 1, found warnings/errors in server log file.
>        In the situation, the 'get_master_version_and_clock' func
>        will return normally inster of network error expected. Then

typo: inster - instead

>        the 'handle_slave_io' func will go to invoke 'get_master_uuid'
>        func, which will return normally if the master server is
>        still alive. Then the process will go on untill invoke

typo: untill

>        'request_dump' func, which will print the "Error on
>        COM_BINLOG_DUMP: 2003  Can't connect to MySQL server on
>        '' (111), will retry in 1 secs" error as symptom
>        reported if the server is really shutdown in the moment.
>        while the test is waiting for the network error.

Please, rewrite the at least the last sentence. Seems you typed a
'.' instead of a ',' ?

    So... As I get it, the slave will go on as far as 'request_dump'
and then abruptly stops because the master was finally restarted.
When it does, an error stating that the DUMP failed is written to
the error log.

>        Symptom 2, timeout after 900 seconds
>        In the situation, the 'get_master_version_and_clock',
>        get_master_uuid, and 'request_dump' funcs will retrurn

typo: retrurn

>        normally if the master server is alive during the period,
>        then the 'handle_slave_io' func will enter
>        'while (!io_slave_killed(thd,mi))' block and try to connect
>        master while the master sever is really shutdown and the
>        test will not have a chance to start master, because during
>        the period the test will stall there to wait for a network
>        error until it exits with a timeout error.

Isn't it possible that the master is restarted successfully *before*
the slave notices the it was down in the first place? Then it will
most certainly wait forever for the master to restart...

In the scenario you describe here, isn't it the case that the slave
will notice the 2003 error eventually, much before the 900 secs timeout
have elapsed?

>        To fix these problems to source

Perhaps "we source" instead of "to source".

>        after shutdown master server for guaranteeing the master
>        server is really shutdown before the slave is unblocked.
>       @ mysql-test/extra/rpl_tests/rpl_get_master_version_and_clock.test
>          Update test to guarantee the master server is really
>          shutdown before the slave is unblocked.
>      modified:
>        mysql-test/extra/rpl_tests/rpl_get_master_version_and_clock.test
> === modified file 'mysql-test/extra/rpl_tests/rpl_get_master_version_and_clock.test'
> --- a/mysql-test/extra/rpl_tests/rpl_get_master_version_and_clock.test	2010-11-26
> 13:39:15 +0000
> +++ b/mysql-test/extra/rpl_tests/rpl_get_master_version_and_clock.test	2010-12-09
> 08:33:39 +0000
> @@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ connection master;
>   # Send shutdown to the connected server and give
>   # it 10 seconds to die before zapping it
>   shutdown_server 10;
> +--source include/
>   connection slave;
>   --echo slave is unblocked

bzr commit into mysql-trunk-bugfixing branch (Dao-Gang.Qu:3427) Bug#57918Dao-Gang.Qu9 Dec
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