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From:Dmitry Lenev Date:December 3 2010 9:18am
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-trunk-bugfixing branch (Dmitry.Lenev:3398) Bug#27480
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#At file:///home/dlenev/src/bzr/mysql-trunk-bugfixing-bug27480/ based on revid:dmitry.lenev@stripped

 3398 Dmitry Lenev	2010-12-03
      Prerequisite patch for Bug#27480 (Extend CREATE TEMPORARY
      TABLES privilege to allow temp table operations).
      Review fixes in progress. Fixed outdated function description.

=== modified file 'sql/'
--- a/sql/	2010-12-03 06:42:19 +0000
+++ b/sql/	2010-12-03 09:18:42 +0000
@@ -2562,19 +2562,18 @@ tdc_wait_for_old_version(THD *thd, const
   @param thd            Thread context.
   @param table_list     Open first table in list.
-  @param action[in,out] Pointer to variable of enum_open_table_action type
-                        which will be set according to action which is
-                        required to remedy problem appeared during attempt
-                        to open table.
-  @param flags          Bitmap of flags to modify how open works:
+  @param mem_root       Temporary MEM_ROOT to be used for
+                        parsing .FRMs for views.
+  @param ot_ctx         Context with flags which modify how open works
+                        and which is used to recover from a failed
+                        open_table() attempt.
+                        Some examples of flags:
                         MYSQL_OPEN_IGNORE_FLUSH - Open table even if
-                        someone has done a flush or there is a pending
-                        exclusive metadata lock requests against it (i.e.
-                        request high priority metadata lock). No version
-                        number checking is done.
-                        MYSQL_OPEN_TAKE_UPGRADABLE_MDL - Obtain upgradable
-                        metadata lock for tables on which we are going to
-                        take some kind of write table-level lock.
+                        someone has done a flush. No version number
+                        checking is done.
+                        MYSQL_OPEN_HAS_MDL_LOCK - instead of acquiring
+                        metadata locks rely on that caller already has
+                        appropriate ones.
   Uses a cache of open tables to find a TABLE instance not in use.

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bzr commit into mysql-trunk-bugfixing branch (Dmitry.Lenev:3398) Bug#27480Dmitry Lenev3 Dec