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From:vasil.dimov Date:December 2 2010 9:27am
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-trunk-innodb branch (vasil.dimov:3355)
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#At file:///usr/local/devel/bzrroot/server/mysql-trunk-innodb/ based on revid:vasil.dimov@stripped

 3355 Vasil Dimov	2010-12-02
      Remove innodb.innodb_bug56143 from experimental
      The failure of innodb.innodb_bug56143 (logged as
      Bug#58432 innodb.innodb_bug56143 fails under valgrind)
      was fixed in vasil.dimov@stripped

=== modified file 'mysql-test/collections/default.experimental'
--- a/mysql-test/collections/default.experimental	revid:vasil.dimov@stripped
+++ b/mysql-test/collections/default.experimental	revid:vasil.dimov@stripped
@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ binlog.binlog_multi_engine              
 funcs_1.charset_collation_1              # depends on compile-time decisions
 funcs_1.myisam_views @solaris            # Bug#50595 2010-03-05 alik funcs_1.myisam_views takes longer time on 6.0 branch than 5.1 branch
-innodb.innodb_bug56143                   # Bug#58432 2010-11-24 alik innodb.innodb_bug56143 fails under valgrind
 innodb.innodb_information_schema         # Bug#48883 2010-05-11 alik Test "innodb_information_schema" takes fewer locks than expected
 main.func_math @freebsd                  # Bug#43020 2010-05-04 alik main.func_math fails on FreeBSD in PB2

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bzr commit into mysql-trunk-innodb branch (vasil.dimov:3355) vasil.dimov2 Dec