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From:Chad MILLER Date:September 26 2006 10:16pm
Subject:bk commit into 5.0 tree (cmiller:1.2284) BUG#21476
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push, to the public repository.
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ChangeSet@stripped, 2006-09-26 18:16:37-04:00, cmiller@stripped +1 -0
  Bug#21476: (Thread stack overrun not caught, causing SEGV)
  The STACK_MIN_SIZE is currently set to 8192, when we actually need 
  (emperically discovered) 9236 bytes to raise an fatal error, on Ubuntu 
  Dapper Drake, libc6 2.3.6-0ubuntu2, Linux kernel 2.6.15-27-686, on x86.
  I'm taking that as a new lower bound, plus 500B of wiggle-room for sundry
  word sizes and stack behaviors.

  sql/mysql_priv.h@stripped, 2006-09-26 18:16:35-04:00, cmiller@stripped +8 -1
    Increase the amount we require to be available for the stack, since 
    experience told us that the previous amount was too little by at least
    1044 bytes.  Add a safety buffer of another 500 bytes to the discovered 
    lower limit.

# This is a BitKeeper patch.  What follows are the unified diffs for the
# set of deltas contained in the patch.  The rest of the patch, the part
# that BitKeeper cares about, is below these diffs.
# User:	cmiller
# Host:
# Root:	/home/cmiller/work/mysql/bug21476/my50-bug21476

--- 1.410/sql/mysql_priv.h	2006-09-26 18:16:41 -04:00
+++ 1.411/sql/mysql_priv.h	2006-09-26 18:16:41 -04:00
@@ -131,7 +131,14 @@ MY_LOCALE *my_locale_by_name(const char 
 #define MAX_ACCEPT_RETRY	10	// Test accept this many times
 #define USER_VARS_HASH_SIZE     16
-#define STACK_MIN_SIZE		8192	// Abort if less stack during eval.
+#define STACK_MIN_SIZE		9736	// Abort if less stack during eval.  
+ Tested requirement + (arbitrarily chosen) 500 bytes.  
+ Discovered through binary search 2006-09-26 on Ubuntu Dapper Drake, libc6
+ 2.3.6-0ubuntu2, Linux kernel 2.6.15-27-686, on x86.
+ */
 #define STACK_MIN_SIZE_FOR_OPEN 1024*80
 #define STACK_BUFF_ALLOC	256	// For stack overrun checks
bk commit into 5.0 tree (cmiller:1.2284) BUG#21476Chad MILLER27 Sep