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From:Marc Alff Date:November 15 2010 7:57am
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (marc.alff:3204)
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#At file:///Users/malff/BZR_TREE/mysql-trunk-wl2111/ based on revid:alexander.nozdrin@stripped

 3204 Marc Alff	2010-11-15 [merge]
      Merge mysql-trunk --> mysql-trunk-wl2111

=== modified file ''
--- a/	2010-11-09 20:10:44 +0000
+++ b/	2010-11-14 18:06:55 +0000
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ dnl
 dnl When changing the major version number please also check the switch
 dnl statement in mysqlbinlog::check_master_version().  You may also need
 dnl to update version.c in ndb.
-AC_INIT([MySQL Server], [5.6.99-m5], [], [mysql])
+AC_INIT([MySQL Server], [5.6.1-m5], [], [mysql])
 # USTAR format gives us the possibility to store longer path names in

No bundle (reason: revision is a merge).
bzr commit into mysql-trunk branch (marc.alff:3204) Marc Alff15 Nov