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From:Georgi Kodinov Date:July 21 2010 3:32pm
Subject:bzr push into mysql-5.0-bugteam branch (Georgi.Kodinov:2879 to 2880)
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 2880 Georgi Kodinov	2010-07-21 [merge]

 2879 Alexey Kopytov	2010-07-15
      Backport of the fix for bug#25421 to 5.0.
      Calculating the estimated number of records for a range scan
      may take a significant time, and it was impossible for a user
      to interrupt that process by killing the connection or the
      Fixed by checking the thread's 'killed' status in
      check_quick_keys() and interrupting the calculation process if
      it is set to a non-zero value.


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bzr push into mysql-5.0-bugteam branch (Georgi.Kodinov:2879 to 2880) Georgi Kodinov21 Jul